lead UX and UI Designer, team of 2 at Octopus

Thinkmojo wanted to bring in more client work and target larger companies over the course of the next year. I worked with the team to create a bold redesign and brand refresh that showcased the breadth of their work, and also elevated their status amongst competing video marketing studios.

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Thinkmojo's original website was essentially a gallery of work with little context as to what they could do for someone. I created a more effective landing page by presenting a clear value proposition up front and supporting it by showcasing past work through case studies and a video highlight reel.

I wanted to explain how Thinkmojo can do more than produce explainer videos. At the bottom of the landing page, I illustrated several examples that people might not think of using custom video for. Many of these were services that the team had mentioned during our kickoff meeting, which I then presented as opportunities on the site.

On mobile, certain elements like the angled panel are removed, but overall the aesthetic remains consistent. My goal was to produce a small set of highly reusable components to set up a templated UI framework that Thinkmojo could add to and grow in the future.

One of my initial explorations was figuring out the best way to present Thinkmojo's work. When I was thinking about browsing videos, Netflix came to mind—which led to a decent solution using carousels—a pattern familiar to many people—and one which works well on mobile.

One of the smaller, but monumental changes was refreshing the Thinkmojo logo. I thought the original (left) had held up well for being several years old. I brought it back to life (right) by using a brighter green, softening the corners of the mark, and using a more humanist (think friendly), geometric typeface with a low x-height.

Check out the live site, or, if you're interested hearing more about this project, send me a message! I'd be happy to walk you through it.

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