I like to understand the problems I work on, and enjoy learning new things as I go. I pay attention to the details and like consistency, looking for the most scaleable/effective way to accomplish something.

My goal with most design work is to quickly establish a baseline with which we can test and iterate from.

My ideal working environment is a casual and collaborative team where the culture provides a space for me to work closely with others and dive deep into the problems we work on.

I've realized that one of my biggest passions is helping people. My favorite things to work on are those that I feel really make someone’s day-to-day life better.


Box, Product Designer 2017–Present

I design and help build solutions for Box's Enterprise/Security/Compliance team. I was previously. on the Partners/Integrations, Platform, and Skills (machine learning) teams.

Octopus, Lead UI/UX Designer 2016–2017

I coordinated multiple projects across the design process and into development. These projects were rapid-pace and typically spanned from ideation to MVP applications. I also mentored a design team consisting of four others; helping them solve problems, and drive final solutions.

My role was heavily self-managed. I was responsible for communicating and presenting design solutions —including several startups and large companies looking for unique and fresh ideas such as Google, Airbnb, and Dropbox.

Octopus, UI/UX Designer 2013–2015

I helped plan and design user centered experiences, mobile applications, and web interfaces for startups and companies like YouTube, PayPal, eBay, and HP. My role spanned from conceptualization, visual design execution, to working with engineers.

Ferris State University, UI/UX Front End Developer 2012–2013

Working with a fellow student, I designed and developed interfaces for Ferris State University’s Admissions department. The projects we worked on made use of desktop and mobile development, setting new design standards for the school’s UI/UX, and exploring the uses of Ferris’ existing brand standards.

Ferris State University, Design Intern 2010–2012

Working among a small team for Ferris State University’s Design Project Center, I designed and developed a new brand identity, print materials, and a website. I was also the in charge of ordering supplies, portfolio materials, and other items as needed.

Recent Projects

Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz, UI/UX Designer

William T. Grant Foundation, UI Designer Coming Soon

Past Projects

Google UX Principles, Lead UI Designer

Knight Foundation, Lead UI/UX Designer

Thinkmojo, Lead UI/UX Designer

Jetlore, Lead UI Designer

Google Postmaster, Lead UI/UX Designer

YouTube, UI/UX Designer

RocketSpace SF, Lead UI/UX Designer

Discors App, Lead UI/UX Designer (initial/desktop)

The Sketchbook Project, UI/UX Designer

Verify Investor, Lead UI/UX Designer


Ferris State University - Big Rapids, Michigan 2009–2013

Bachelor of Science, Graphic Design


Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz, Volunteer/Web Designer 2015–Current

I help setup, register, and organize group work at any event, coordinate new community efforts for mountain bike access in the Santa Cruz area, and help dig and maintain new and existing trails throughout the county. — I just enjoy giving back to this area because it's given me so much.

Digital Nest, Student Mentor 2015–2016

I mentored students interested in design, development, and technology. I helped them learn what a designer does and taught basic design principles and software skills in effort to get them on track toward higher education.


  • User-centered design
  • Distilling and organizing complex information
  • Technical problem solving
  • Design exploration
  • End-to-end thinking
  • Modular/atomic design process
  • Clean design


  • Sketch
  • Adobe CC
  • Invision prototyping
  • Principle
  • CSS
  • Jira
  • Understanding of front-end dev