lead UX and UI Designer, team of 2 at Octopus

Octopus wanted to reshape their image to stand out from other competing product design studios in the industry. I helped the team define their new positioning by producing a unique and extensible design framework that was able to grow with the studio and its content going forward.

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I wanted Octopus' work to be the site's primary focus and to stand on its own. By using a strict black and white palette for structural elements, and pairing each project with a bold bar of accent color, I created a visually intriguing pattern without it being too distracting.

The angled bar was a useful design element that I used to create visual interest and consistency across the site. However, it was a careful balance. I caught myself several times trying out the bar on different things, a "design crutch" of sorts, which would always result in redundancy.

I set the typographic scale across the site for optimum readability. The larger point size really allows the content's voice to show through and I feel like it also helps encourage people to read it.

I wanted the design to work with a variety of project imagery. One of my main goals was to have a solution that worked with out overlays, blurs, or any "distort-ive" image treatment.

Check out the live site, or, if you're interested hearing more about this project, send me a message! I'd be happy to walk you through it.

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